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Update from Jeevan: teaching routines

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

As you can see in the picture above, our kids really enjoy the possibilities our new school compound offers. E.g. everyday during their morning break, the students are outside playing, sliding, running around - without us having to worry about their safety anymore.

A definite highlight of the last month was the visit of "Performers without Borders", who spent 3 hours with our 70 Elementary and Secondary students and taught them all kinds of circus-related skills. They just loved it. Similarly important as this stimulating event, although quite a bit less liked, was the free dental check-up of all our 120 students that happened in February. A lot of work for the French dentist Olivier, who did a great and empathic job (see below).

Saraswati Puja - Art Activity

During Saraswati Puja, our oldest students spent a whole day working on paintings related to "food". The students first researched various techniques in the Art section of our library. Then they painted or drew their ideas on a canvas using their favourite technique

This is Arti, one of our students at the hostel. She suffers from epilepsy resulting from an hemispheric brain asymmetry. She is on regular medication that has so far done her really well. Arti now rarely has seizures and has developed an active and creative mind. She loves building houses of all kinds, and she can spend hours on her own and silently work on her buildings. In order to allow her tapping into her love of structure and construction, we have allotted a few hours every week for her to work in a quiet atmosphere removed from other kids.

Arti, building with lego

Kiran and Tara from Strength India have set up a self-defense class for the older girls of both school and hostel. The girls learn not only how act and react when assaulted by someone, but also get taught how to verbally assert themselves in difficult situations. One of the main goals of these afternoon classes is to help our female students to develop self- confidence. Through physical exercise sessions, open discussion rounds and concise lectures our girls increase awareness of themselves, their bodies, their rights and needs.

Teaching Routines: Music

In order to expose students to English language through as many media as possible, music is an important part of English classes. Here you see Jessica, one of the co-founders of Jeevan Shiksha, practising a song with class 8.

Jessica, teaching class 8 music

Teaching Routines: English

English speaking activities enrich teaching and capture our student's attention. Class 3 practises "I've got a..." while working on their fine motorics with one of the many games donated by the HABA company

Class 3, English games

Teaching Routines: Science

Our extensive microscope equipment - including a camera that let's us take pictures/films of whatever is seen through the objective - is the base of the weekly Science project run by Sven. Here, a grade 10 student is sketching a leucocyte from another student's blood sample. 

Grade 10 science class

Teaching Routines: Arts & Crafts

Each class spends one hour a week working on creative projects in their Arts & Crafts lesson. Viviane, our current long-term volunteer, taught grade 9 to make polygon masks out of paper, which will later be used in a dance theatre project.

Grade 9 art


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