Varanasi, India

BHN focuses its work in Varanasi, India. Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in the world and poorest cities in India.  It is also a holy city in Hinduism and many Indians travel for days to come to Varanasi in the hopes of reaching salvation. With a population of over one million people, approximately 140,000 of these live in slums.  These marginalized children and families are those BHN aims to support through Jeevan.  

Jeevan School

BHN supports the work of Jeevan School, Hostel and Clinic in Varanasi, India.  Jeevan is a separate organization in Varanasi that runs a free school and free hostel for street children as well as provides for clinic space for free medical care.  


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Students & Curriculum

Currently 130 children attend Jeevan School.  In addition to being taught basic subjects (Hindi, English, Math, Environmental Studies, Computer) children have regular library access, arts, music and dance classes, as well as a period called “independent work” where the children freely explore new learning opportunities.   

The Hostel

Of the children attending the school, there is space for 40 children to reside at the Jeevan Hostel.  The hostel provides a safe place for the children to be children.  They are encouraged to play and participate in the hostel family and are protected from the abuse and neglect of the slum. For some children this means having a roof over their heads and regular food for the first time in their lives.  



Nutrition & Resources

Accessing regular and nutritious food is a key focus at the school. At Jeevan the children have access to 3 nutritious meals a day, as well as fresh fruits and snacks.  


BHN supports the school in acquiring school supplies such as writing supplies, textbooks, story books, computers etc. 

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Giving kids a childhood

BHN helps ensure Jeevan can continue to operate the school, hostel and free medical clinic. 

In order to advance the education of these children, BHN works with Jeevan so the children have access to qualified teachers. In providing food, shelter, education and love, BHN is giving kids a childhood they otherwise wouldn't have. 

Updates coming soon about where graduates from Jeevan have ended up. 

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